About CertLink.org


Welcome to CertLink.org, a program of VASABI - the Vanuatu Sustainable Agri-Business Initiative.


CertLink Mission:

Measurable improvements in the livelihoods of growers - through focussing on the collection, management & communication of data between all stakeholders in the value chain, and creating grower equity through agri-IP.


CertLink is a customisable cloud-based management system for the agribusiness sector that combines track-and-trace technology with community-building tools to enable efficient data collection & analysis and improved decision making.


Developed as a multi-stakeholder initiative, CertLink was conceived as a tool for smallholder organisations to easily and cheaply access and manage multiple certification systems (Organic, Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance, UTZ) for increased market opportunities, primarily in the cocoa and coconut markets.  The program has now evolved into a powerful tool for agri-systems management, with applicability across a range of business types and organisational structures, and functionality in data gathering, analytics, reporting, price sharing and content management, with the capacity to affect significant change in the lives of Vanuatu smallholders.


The system is based on a platform developed by Wujitech (www.wujitech.com) and tailored by CertLink to specifically meet the needs of Pacific agribusiness.  It integrates all levels of the supply chain, from smallholder growers through extension services, transport & logistics, processing, export and marketing through to point of retail sale.


With a number of organisations committed to its uptake, CertLink is on track to achieve our Vision - that ‘by 2015 Vanuatu will be the lead innovator in small scale agricultural management systems…Globally’.


In Vanuatu CertLink is managed by the exclusive national licensee LionFish Ltd - read more about LionFish here.