The Daily Drucker: January 28 – Controlled Experiment in Mismanagement

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
02/07/2014   23:30
The story of Henry Ford, his rise and decline, and of the revival of his company is what one might call...

The Daily Drucker: January 27 – The Discipline of Management

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
02/07/2014   23:21
If you can’t replicate something because you don’t understand it, then it really hasn’t...

The Daily Drucker: January 26 – A Social Ecologist

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
02/07/2014   23:19
For me the tension between the need for the continuity and the need for innovation and change was central...

The Daily Drucker: January 25 – Reinvent Yourself

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
01/30/2014   11:07
Knowledge people must take responsibility for their own development and placement.   In...

The Daily Drucker: January 24 - Feedback: Key to Continuous Learning

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
01/27/2014   23:35
To know one's strengths, to know how to improve them and to know what one cannot do - are keys to...

The Daily Drucker: January 23 - Private Virtue and the Commonwealth

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
01/27/2014   23:33
In a moral society the public good must always rest on private virtue.   To make what is...

The Daily Drucker: January 22 - Economics as a Social Dimension

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
01/25/2014   02:58
Keynes was interested in the behaviour of commodities, while I was interested in the behaviour of people.   I...

The Daily Drucker: January 21 - Profit's Function

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
01/24/2014   11:58
Today's profitable business will become tomorrow's white elephant.    Joseph...

The Daily Drucker: January 20 - Nature of Man and Society

CertLink Admin (admin)
01/24/2014   06:56
Every organized society is built upon a concept of the nature of man and of his function and place in...

MEDIA RELEASE - Vanuatu’s First Organic Copra Meal Export

CertLink Admin (admin)
09/16/2013   02:32
12 September 2013 – For immediate release   Vanuatu’s First Organic Copra Meal...

You're Invited - Vanuatu Agriculture College Open Day 2013

CertLink Admin (admin)
07/25/2013   01:40
Vanuatu Agriculture College i stap invitem yu blong attendem Official Opening blong 2013 Open Day.   Date:...

CERTLINK UPDATE - May 2013 -Exciting opportunities for the sustainable agriculture sector in Vanuatu

CertLink Admin (admin)
05/29/2013   05:34
CERTLINK UPDATE - May 2013   "The new source of power is not money in the hands of...