The Daily Drucker: March 2 - Test of Innovation

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
03/15/2014   01:35
Measure innovations by what they contribute to market and customer.   The test of an innovation...

The Daily Drucker: March 1 - The Change Leader

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
03/15/2014   01:33
The most effective way to manage change successfully is to create it   One cannot manage...

The Daily Drucker: February 28 - Defining Business Purpose and Mission: The Customer

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
03/09/2014   07:12
Who is the customer?   "Who is the customer?" is the first and critical question...

The Daily Drucker: February 27 - Defining Business Purpose and Mission

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
03/07/2014   01:00
What is our business?   Nothing may seem simpler or more obvious than to know what a company's...

The Daily Drucker: February 26 - Balancing Three Corporate Dimensions

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
03/03/2014   08:56
Share-holder sovereignty is bound to flounder.  Its is a fair-weather model.   An important...

The Daily Drucker: February 25 - Governance and the Corporation

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
03/03/2014   08:55
What does capitalism mean when knowledge governs rather than money?   Within a fairly short...

The Daily Drucker: February 24 - Legitimacy of the Corporation

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
03/03/2014   08:53
Unless the power in the corporation can be organized on an accepted principle of legitimacy, it will...

The Daily Drucker: February 23 - The New Tasks of Government

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
03/03/2014   08:52
The new tasks will require a different form of government.   The new tasks all will require...

The Daily Drucker: February 22 - The Pork-Barrel State

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
02/23/2014   11:03
Government becomes the master of civil society, able to mold and shape it. Until World War I,...

The Daily Drucker: February 21 - Failure of Central Planning

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
02/23/2014   11:00
Any society in the era of new technology would perish miserably were it to run an economy by central...

The Daily Drucker: February 20 - Management and Economic Development

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
02/23/2014   10:58
It can be said that there are no "underdeveloped countries" there are only "under-managed"...

The Daily Drucker: February 19 - Reprivatisation

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
02/23/2014   10:55
The strongest argument for private enterprise is the function of loss. Re-privatization is a systematic...

The Daily Drucker: February 5 – Shrinking the Younger Population

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
02/18/2014   21:05
The next society will be with us shortly.   In developed countries, the dominant...

The Daily Drucker: February 4 – Knowledge and Technology

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
02/14/2014   04:40
The new technology embraces and feeds off the entire array of human knowledges.   The search...

The Daily Drucker: February 3 – The Management Revolution

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
02/11/2014   23:35
What matters is the productivity of non-manual workers.   In 1881, an American, Fredrick...

The Daily Drucker: February 2 – Face Reality

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
02/11/2014   23:33
Exploit the new realities.   Today’s new realities fit neither the assumption of the...

The Daily Drucker: February 1 – Crossing the Divide

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
02/11/2014   23:29
Crossing the divide into the new realities   Every few hundred years there occurs a...

The Daily Drucker: January 31 – A Functioning Society

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
02/11/2014   23:25
Unless power is legitimate there can be no social order.   A functioning society must always...

The Daily Drucker: January 30 – Terrorism and Basic Trends

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
02/11/2014   23:23
Management of an institution has to be grounded in basic and predictable trends that persist regardless...

The Daily Drucker: January 29 – Performance: The Test of Management

Cheryl Thomas (Cheryl.Thomas)
02/11/2014   23:20
Achievement rather than knowledge remains both the proof and aim of management.   The ultimate...