The daily drucker: february 20 - management and economic development

It can be said that there are no "underdeveloped countries" there are only "under-managed" ones.
Management creates economic and social development.  Economic and social development is the result of management. It can be said, without too much oversimplification, that there are no "underdeveloped countries."  There are only "under-managed" ones.  Japan a hundred and forty years ago was an underdeveloped country by every material measurement.  But it very quickly produced management of great competence, indeed, of excellence.
This means that management is a prime mover and that development is a consequence.  All our experience in economic development proves this.  Whenever we have only capital, we cannot achieve development. In the few cases where we have been able to generate management energies, we have generated rapid development.  Development in other words, is a matter of human energies rather than of economic wealth.  And the generation and direction of human energies is the task of management.
ACTION POINT: What impact does your company have in the developing world? Are your activities there raising the managerial standard of local companies?
Quoted from The Daily Drucker, page 56


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