The daily drucker: february 23 - the new tasks of government

The new tasks will require a different form of government.
The new tasks all will require more rather than less government.  But they will require a different form of government.  The greatest threat is the damage to the human habitat.  Second, only to caring for the environment is the growing need for transnational action and institutions to abort the return to private armies and stamp out terrorism.
Terrorism is all the more threatening as very small groups can effectively hold even large countries to ransom.  A nuclear bomb can easily be put into a locker or a postal box in a major city and exploded by remote control;  so could a bacterial bomb, containing enough anthrax spores to kill thousands of people and to contaminate a big city's water supply, making it uninhabitable.  What is needed to control the threat of terrorism is action that goes beyond any one sovereign state.  The design of the necessary agencies is still ahead of us; so is the length of time it will take any of them to develop.  It may well take a major catastrophes to make national governments willing to accept subordination to such institutions and their decisions.
ACTION POINT: Get involved with industry-wide initiatives of importance to you and your company by partnering with multinational groups like the International Atomic Energy Agency, which fights nuclear terrorism.
Quoted from The Daily Drucker, pg 59


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