The daily drucker: february 24 - legitimacy of the corporation

Unless the power in the corporation can be organized on an accepted principle of legitimacy, it will disappear.
No social power can endure unless it is legitimate power.  And no society can function unless it integrates the individual member.  Unless the members of the industrial system are given the social status and function that they lack today, our society will disintegrate.  The masses will not revolt; they will sink into lethargy;  they will flee the responsibility of freedom, which without social meaning is nothing but a threat and a burden.  We have only two alternatives: either to build a functioning industrial society or to see freedom itself disappear in anarchy and tyranny.
ACTION POINT: Decide whether it is worthwhile to you and your company to operate in parts of the world that are tyrannies or in anarchy, or if it is just too dangerous.
Quoted from The Daily Drucker, page 60


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