The daily drucker: february 28 - defining business purpose and mission: the customer

Who is the customer?
"Who is the customer?" is the first and critical question in defining a business purpose and business mission.  It is not an easy, let alone an obvious question.  How it is being answered determines, in large measure, how the business defines itself.  The consumer - that is, the ultimate user of a product or a service - is always the customer.
Most businesses have at least two customers.  Both have to buy if there is to be a sale.  The manufacturer  of branded consumer goods always have two customers at the very least: the housewife and the grocer.  It does not do much good to have the housewife eager to buy if the grocer does not stock the brand. Conversely, it does not do much good to have the grocer display merchandise advantageously and give it shelf space if the housewife does not buy.  To satisfy only one of these customers without satisfying the other means that there is no performance.
ACTION POINT:  Take one product or service that you are responsible for and determine how many kinds of customers you have for it.  Then figure out if you are satisfying all of your different kinds of customers, or if you are ignoring some category(ies) of customer.
Quoted from The Daily Drucker, pg 64


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